A Guide for Authors-Have you written a book that you would like to sell from loveofbooks online

We accept both traditionally printed publications as well as eBooks. We say yes to all genres and style, including prose, poetry, fact and fiction.

For authors that have used Love of Books to self publish their work, this service is offered free of charge. We take NO- ZERO commission from the sale of the books. Also there are no ongoing fees. each author is free to list their book/s with us for as long as they like.

For authors who have used publishing services elsewhere, the joining fee is $79.00. This includes listing your book/s online and providing you with a copy of the 3D image of your book cover. Your listing on the site is valid for as long as Love of Books is in trade. As stated above, Love of Books takes no/zero commission for each item sold and does not charge ongoing fees.

Please note this service is provided as an extra bonus for Love of  Books customers.

For all Authors to be eligible to sell your book/s online, you must meet the following important criteria:

1) Your book/s must have been written by you;

2) Your book/s must be of a high literary standard;

3) Your book/s must have been professionally edited;

4) The material contained in your book/s must not be offensive and must not promote or incite any illegal or racist activities.

Love of Books reserves the right to decline to list any item that does not meet the above criteria.

How It Works

If you have printed book/s or eBooks to sell, please contact us – info@loveofbooks.com.au to discuss the pricing, postage, commission and distribution. We will also ask you to provide us with a description of the book, images of the cover, reviews, excerpts etc (if you have them). Remember that the more information we can put on the site, the more information the customer has to make the decision to buy it.

Printed Book/s

The system is very simple: We list the book on our website, a customer orders and pays for the book; we send you the order details TO YOU THE AUTHOR along with the payment less A SMALL ORDER PROCESSING FEE OF 2 DOLLARS. You MUST then post out the book and advise us when you have done so; we will update the order status so the customer can track the order.


The eBook system is even simpler: We can list the eBook on the website; the customer pays for it and is given a link to download the book; the payment (less A ONE DOLLAR PROCESSING FEE) is then paid into your bank or PayPal account.

Book Pricing

The price shown on the website is in Australian dollars and is the total price i.e. the retail price plus postage. For example, a book might have a RRP of $29.95 and a postage charge of $2.00. It is then shown on the website with a price of $31.95.

Please note it is up to you (the author) to determine the price you charge for your work and the amount you charge to cover postage. When setting the postage charge, please bear in mind that it should cover posting the item to anywhere in Australia. Also, orders from overseas will be accepted, however customers will need to contact us first to determine what the shipping charge will be.

Orders and Payments

Customer payments are made online to Love of Books Australia-wide.

Once we have received the order along with the payment, we will then forward you the details of the purchaser.

You will have 2 weeks to post the book order to the purchaser.

You will then receive the paid amount less our 2 Dollar processing fee.

You choose whether you receive payments by direct deposit to your bank account or via PayPal.

You will also need to provide us with an email address. This is to ensure that when a customer places an order, it will be processed promptly. Remember that prompt deliveries = happy customers; happy customers = good publicity; good publicity= more sales; and more sales = more dollars for you.

Love of Books Distribution Service – New!

We have introduced a new service for Love of  Books qualified authors with proven sales of 150 books or more. For a 20% service fee and $4.00 distribution fee, we can stock, pack, distribute and post the books to customers ordering online worldwide.

Similar to above, customer payments are made online to us. Once we have received the order, we forward you the paid amount less our commission (typically 20%), postage and distribution fee. Using the previous example of RRP $29.95, this means that the author receives $17.96 {i.e $31.95 (online price) – $5.99 ($29.95 x 20%) – $2.00 postage and – $4.00 distribution fee}. The payments can then be made to you either by direct deposit to your bank account or via Paypal.

Feedback and Questions

We welcome all feedback. If you have ideas or suggestions you think could improve our service or if you have any questions, please contact us: sales@loveofbooks.com.au

Here’s to your writing success and selling your book/s online with Love of Books!

Love of Books

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