But He Was With Me

But He Was With Me

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This book contains some of the stories of his life so far, about at the half way point. All is not revealed of course, simply because some is just too hard to write about…yet. Time is a great healer. Does this mean, there will be another book – ‘But, He was with me…the sequel’. Rodney’s answer is, “maybe, we will just have to wait and see.”


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This book is firstly for family and friends. “It is my legacy, my gift to my family, Sonja, Heidi and Jenna, and especially my grand children – Shanelle, Sharmayne and Ben. They have always loved hearing my stories from my childhood, and I have loved telling them – though some of them in this book are not really child appropriate and so they haven’t been told.”
There is only one point to the book though – He (referring to God) was always with me. Rodney read a quote recently – “Success has many fathers, and failure is an orphan”. This has been, in Rodney’s experience, a sad but true story for many he has known along the way. It will never be so for Rodney. You see, he has a heavenly Father who has never left him and there is great confidence that He never will. As a child of God, Rodney will never be an orphan and therefore, will never fail. – But, He was with me.


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