Ending The Religious Lies

Ending The Religious Lies



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Ending The Religious Lies – Mitch Edwards
The creation force in the universe existed long before the names Hindu, Christian and Jew were used. At some point, personal liberation will be outside the boundaries of conformity. This book sets out to explain Christ’s mystical influences, and then a direct comparison between Hindus’ supreme teaching and Christianity (a comparable relationship exists). It also talks about God, Paul, Atheism, Hades, Krsna, Buddha, Quantum Theory and Christianity, DNA, Chromosomes and God’s relationship with the child, karma, Revelations, and more. This book sets out to unite Man, breaking down the walls of the human ego, which has influenced us since the closing of the Old Testament.
It also seeks to continue the conversation by focusing on similarity, not difference, in religion. Many religions want to own the road to Heaven; that’s impossible. This book provides an alternative, and aims to combat the religious dissension that causes wars, hate, and spiritual discord.


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