Life Love Tarot

Life Love Tarot


ABC of Tarot is a simple 5,200 word document that I have put together to help with understanding terms associated with Tarot and related subjects.

Not into tarot? A common reaction that is usually based around the fact that many people do not grasp what tarot is all about. Familiarity of the tarot need not be as complicated as some will allow you to believe. It is as simple as the ‘ABC’.


Product Description

Live each day with purpose, as you create your own future through discovering the power within. LIFE LOVE TAROT is the first book in the series of ‘This one is to keep’. From birth to death, Dawn Alice gives an insightful and daring look into numerous social and family issues; tackling discrimination, fear, ignorance and religion in a provocative manner – outraging the prejudice and stimulating the liberated.

LIFE LOVE TAROT celebrates life through positive affirmations, meditations, creative exercises, fictitious story examples and real life experiences. Regardless of gender, age or philosophy, each page motivates the reader to reach for unlimited potentials through emotional, mental and spiritual growth.

Dawn Alice cleverly uses images on tarot cards, as a stimulus to prompt the reader towards a more positive attitude; enabling them to deal with everyday circumstances. Discover spirit guides, soul mates, soul-groups and divination. Learn the energies of crystals and how they empower your life. There is no need to own a set of tarot cards, have an interest in tarot, or have intentions of becoming a tarot reader to have benefit from this book; you simply just need to open your heart and mind for the journey of your life.

10% of all net profits will go to the Spinal Injuries Association.


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